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I originally came to Nottingham just over 7 years. I have l have always  lived South of London. So quite a change. Live in Long Eaton which is on the border of Nottingham and Derbyshire and I love it here.  I have the Erewash Canal at the bottom of my garden with the towpath and spare land with the Erewash River running through it and further to that Totton sidings. You can shut the front door on the busy life and then relax sitting by the canal in the summer watching the boats go by or dog walkers.
I remarried a three year ago to my fourth husband but now finally met the right one. We are doing the house up but I like gardening and cardmaking but rcenlty have got into making dollshouses and filling them up with victorian items.
Like all the normal things like music and watching films  We do not do out as often as we use to as I am limited for walking but we occassionally go to the pictures or a Card or Dolls House Fayre. Usually for our hol

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