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Hi, I'm 53 and holding! Married to my 2nd hubby for 4 years (5 soon!) now. We live in a lovely little village just outside the port town of Goole in East Yorkshire. I have been cardmaking on and off for the last 10 years and although I have tried one or two other crafts, find I get bored with long winded ones, so cardmaking suits me. I have two grown up kids and one grown up learning disabled step-son, two greyhounds and a snake. Until recently I worked for myself part-time cleaning for some of the older residents in the village and also taking in ironing (started when I had my poorly mum to look after) but found with my back problems and arthritis, I have had to give up all but one of my ladies for cleaning (and that's more tea and a catch up than cleaning!! Love you Kath!!) . I like caravanning but don't get much chance at the moment due to continuing renovation work on the house and other commitments. I also like my gardening, walking my dogs, spending time with friends and