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I enjoy crafting in my spare time (which i don't have much of at the moment trying to fit everything around revising for Exams coming up next summer....)   :S
I'm Into Rock music like Lostprophets, Simple Plan, Fall out Boy, Panic! at the disco, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi.... alot of 80's rock and pop aswell....
Kind of Alternative, one day i'll be dressed in pink, reading romance novels, listening to Justin Timberlake and watching rom-coms like "A walk to remember", "the notebook" and "Titanic".
Then the next day i'm all in Black, reading Stephen King horror's, Listening to Bullet for my Valentine or Disturbed and watching Vampire Movies and "The Terminator".... Lol...
Everything but Chav run's through my viens..... Lol... -x-

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