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Hi everyone, well I started of making cards,  moving on to scrapbooking, then went on to the very addictive world of ATCs!!  And I've been here ever since! Hee Hee!! I hardly make cards these days.I work long shifts (14 hours) so fit my crafting in where I can.I  live with my fiance Fred, no plans for the big day yet, there's no rush, we've been together 12 years!!Apart from crafting my other hobbies include.. photography, shopping, talking, chocolate, reading,visiting family and friends, going on holiday, C.S.I (gotta love "H"), baking, walking  the list is endless!!Some of my favourite things are..... James Martin, Gordon Ramsay, Ami James (tattooist in Miami Ink) the colour purple ( never I hear you all say!!!) butterflies, ladybirds, dragonflies, otters, elephants, monkeys,  giraffes, green, emm.... there is more but I can't think just now!Hope you like my gallery.