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Hi I am 48 marred with a lovely daughter age 10 going on 21 I am a window dresser or as they like to call as know  A in store coordinator . Have traveled a lot with my job to other shoppes and to houses to hung curtains up for show only . I love working with people I also work in the zoo for a change where I met my hubby as he was working as  a builder  there when they where doing the new houses for the animals.My last job was in a texstyle shop where I display bedding curtains and a lot of flower arranging I also did demons for customs how to hang curtains and to make palm-its from just hanging more curtains I also had to do paint techniques .That is why I have taken up card making as I like to  be doing same think all the time . I drive my hubby mad as I like to decorate the house all the time and I make him knock holes in walls the change it again next time he paints. Christmas is my best time of year hubby hates it as I put up 4 trees One in each room . We have