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i love making cards its so good for taking my mind of exams and papers.
i live on my own, my daughter got her own house last november she's 23, i miss her but the house is nice and quite now, and i like it that way. istill see her everyday though.
love my dogs and my cat baby, very fussy about who i call "friend" been let down to many times for that, but i must say iv gained some good friends here, and Avril well what more can i say. Am sure we must have been friends in a past life, she's just a wee honey and am pleased to call her my friend.
i dont drink at all but i do like going out now and again, am daft enough without drink. love motor bikes and fast cars and i have both.
my pride and joy are my daughter and my granddaughter.
i love to draw and make up my own pictures to use for cards and the like.