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I am married and have two very grown up young people ( no longer children ) as 1 is 30 and the other 24, I also have a lovely cavalier king charles called Jay, Sparky is no longer with us.I also keep tropical fish and have four tanks. I have a Blue Lobster called Larry. Sadly Larry the blue lobster is no longer with me now she died last week.I no longer work any more as I am now  unable to do so.I enjoy anything of an artist nature as I now have more free time to so I love every minute of it. This is but a very small selection of my work, of which I have enjoyed the making of each a every piece from start to finish. I have now been crafting for about 9 years on and off but for the last 6 have been able to indulge even more in my passion. Thank you so much to everyone for their kind comments about my work and  for making me feel welcome.    . 

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