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I wont see 40 again, and am a Mum of 3 boys..all grown and flown the coop. I now live with my old Dad with all the trials and tribulations that brings - overheated house, very loud tv and the weekly shopping ordeal for starters. But then he puts up with me and my taking over the entire house with craft stash! I have two kitties who I adore, and who feature frequently on my scrapbooking projects. Scrapbooking in its various forms is my favourite craft, but I have had a go at most things and currently still do make the odd card...odd being the operative word mostly, and I sew - dotee dolls being my favourite stitching pastime just now.I can regularly be found on the scrapbooking forum with my wonderful friends who are an inspiration to me, both craft-wise and life-wise, and this really is my favourite website...even if it does keep changing and messing with my head lol!

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