2017 Photo Transfer Calandar

Posted by Perrycraft, 11 Sep, 2016

Made for a demonstration in the Range this weekend using the Create Christmas 2017 Calandar Tabs

Products used:

• A4 sized canvas or canvas board

• docrafts Artiste acrylic paint in Electric Blue, Metallic Blue, Pumpkin and White

• Bubble wrap

• Toilet roll tube

• Cork

• White paint pen

• Create Christmas 2017 calendar tabs

• Anita’s Tacky Glue

• Double sided tape


1) Chose a photo you want to turn into a calendar, and flip the image so you have a mirror image of the original picture. Print it out a little smaller than A4

2) Using a ruler, tear down the edges of the picture to get rid of the excess paper. This gives a smoother transition between picture and canvas than cutting.

3) Cover your canvas with a generous layer of Anita’s Tacky Glue and place you image picture side down onto the canvas.

4) Smooth out carefully (without getting any glue on the paper) using an old bank card and leave to dry overnight.

5) Spritz one area of the picture with a little water and then using a baby wipe rub over the paper in small circles. The paper should start to peel off. Be careful not to rub too hard or you will rub off the image too.

6) Once you have done one section, continue spritzing and rubbing until you have revealed the whole image.

7) Let it dry and then brush any leftover bits of paper off the picture with a dry paintbrush.

8) Paint around the edge of the photo with docrafts electric blue paint or whatever colour suits your picture. It doesn’t have to be too neat. Let it dry and then add another coat for even coverage.

9) Using your finger add a small amount of metallic blue paint to a square of bubble wrap and stamp around your picture. Allow it to overlap onto your photo a little.

10) Use Pumpkin paint and dip the end of a toilet roll tube in it and again stamp around your canvas.

11) Dip the end of a cork into your white paint and also stamp randomly. Then leave it all to dry.

12) Using your paint pen put a dashed border all the way around your canvas. Then doodle flowers around your white cork marks and add dots here and there.

13) Lastly use some double sided tape to adhere a 2017 calendar tab to your canvas to make a calendar.

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