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Ever have those days when you can't make your mind up on a card design? Well, with this 4-in-1 card, you can display a variety of patterns within one notelet! The use of four card blanks leaves you with eight canvases to really let your creativity flow, so why not experiment with different techniques such as stamping and embossing, and truly spoil your recipient?

1. To make the first card, trim a piece of thick coloured cardstock to a 10¼" square. Score in half horizontally and repeat vertically, so the card is scored into four equal segments. Make a cut up to the halfway point of the vertical line, starting at the bottom of the card and ensuring that you don’t go further than the horizontal score line. This creates two squares hinged along the horizontal score line.

2. Fold these two squares up to the top of the card. Take the top right-hand corner of the left-hand square and carefully fold it back to meet the bottom left-hand corner, scoring across beforehand. Use a bone folder to create a crisp fold. Repeat with the right-hand square, folding the top left-hand corner back to meet the bottom right-hand corner.

3. Open up the card so that you have the square positioned with the vertical cut at the bottom. Fold the squares upwards so that they are angled at 90 degrees from the rest of the card. Slowly slide the left-hand square underneath the right-hand square, with the fold lines matching, and glue in place. Before the glue dries, fold the card by pushing the triangular folds up into the card. Let it dry in this position. This will ensure that the creases line up perfectly and the card is easy to refold once complete. Open up once the glue is dry.

4. Position and glue this folded card into a square white card blank. Repeat this whole process three more times with different colours of cardstock (or the same colour if you wish for your card to be more uniform). You’ll find it easier to decorate and embellish each card individually before gluing and constructing them into the completed 4-in-1 card.

5. To assemble the 4-in-1 card, glue the back of the first card blank to the front of the second card blank and allow to dry. Glue the back of the second card blank to the front of the third card blank and allow to dry. Glue the back of the third card blank to the front of the fourth to complete the construction.

6. Cover the front and back of your assembled card with two sheets of pastel coloured cardstock. Die cut a white background and a cork deer from a background die and fix to the front panel, trimming to fi t the size. Emboss two wooden numbers with tinsel gold embossing powder and add a ‘Happy birthday’ sentiment to finish.

Decorating the insides

7. The first (pink) spread is covered with two sheets of Paws for Thought paper. Trim each piece to a 12cm square. Any textured or patterned paper would work perfectly against the bold colours of cardstock. Pick two photos to represent your recipient’s younger years. Cut to size and curve the corners with an Xcut Corner Punch. Die cut some sentiments and embellishments to decorate the page.

8. The second spread was made from mustard cardstock, so pick two warm colours of paper to co-ordinate. Select another two photos to complement the colours and mark another stage in the recipient’s life. Die cut two circular flowers and back them with a silver metal-effect sheet with a 3D foam pad. Top with a silver gem and stick at the bottom left-hand side of a photo. Die cut ‘Cute’ using the art deco alphabet die and glue at the top of the photo, once again embellishing with gems. Finish the rest of the spread with little die-cut sentiments.

9. Pick another two co-ordinating papers to match the blue cardstock spread. Die cut a selection of arrows from the set of mini dies and position around your photos to draw the eye in. Once again, die cut sentiments using the art deco die to act as journaling. Die cut the selfie frame, positioning a ‘Selfie’ sentiment at the bottom, and use to frame a special photo.

10. Choose two last papers to match with the yellow card. Use the selfie die again to frame a photo, with ‘Memories’ cut into the bottom. Complete the sentiment to spell out ‘Full of happy memories’, combining different dies with tiny stamps. Finish the whole card with embellishments.

Project and how-to instructions by Janet Hughes. Project originally published in the January issue (78) of docrafts Creativity Magazine.

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