A Gorjuss Gift Box

Posted by _Curlywurly_, 06 Mar, 2013

Using the Gorjuss range, Debbi has designed a beautiful gift box that is perfect for most occassions.

  1. Score a piece of A4 black card in the landscape position on at 7cm, 14cm, 21cm and 28cm.

  2. Turn the card clockwise by 90 degrees, so it is now in the portrait position and score at 6cm, 14cm and 19.5cm.

  3. Turn anti-clockwise so it is back in to landscape position and on the first score line, using a pencil make a small mark at 10.5cm, 17.5cm and 24.5cm. Repeat this process with the second piece of black card.

  4. Using a ruler and score tool, line up your ruler with the little pencil mark we did earlier and where the second horizontal line cross with the vertical line and score to the edge of the card, left and right. Do this with all your pencil marks so you have three scored triangle in the top section of your card. Repeat with the second piece of black card.

  5. At the bottom of the card (with the scored triangles being at the top), cut along each vertical scored line to where the horizontal score line crosses. Do this with the remaining two score line. Also totally cut away the small rectangle in the bottom right hand corner. Repeat with the second piece too.

  6. Take one of the cards and adhere to the straight edge of the second piece of card. Making sure the score lines meet.

  7. Now fold along all the score line on both of the pieces of card. The straight lines make the mountain the triangles make the valley.

  8. Now wrap around and adhere tab to the other straight edge, to form a cylinder.

  9. Overlap the large square tabs at the bottom and adhere, making sure that you have a even hexagon shape. This can be a bit tricky.

  10. Using a small hole punch, punch a hole above the horizontal score on the lrft and right of the top point of the triangle.

  11. Take the ribbon and label the forms the handle on the Simply Gorjuss – A4 Ultimate Die-cut and paper pack packaging and tread through the holes and and the tag, then tie to close the top of the box.

  12. Take a piece of patterned paper Simply Gorjuss – A4 Ultimate Die-cut and paper pack and cut six rectangles out at 6cm x 7cm and six triangles 4.5cm x 6cm. The easiest way I found of doing this was to make the right sized triangle on my computer and then print it out on to the back of the patterned paper. Stick to all the corresponding panels on the box.

  13. Take five of the oval die cut toppers from the Simply Gorjuss – A4 Ultimate Die-cut and paper pack and using foam pads, stick to the centre of each side panel, except for the panel where the ribbon hangs.

  14. Take the striped paper from the paper pack and cut three strips from the longest side 0.5cm wide and adhere to the bottom edge of the box and also the top edge.

  15. In this landscape position, cut along the first vertical score line and discard this section. Repeat with the second piece of card too.

  16. On the right side of the card, a narrow tab has formed. Place you adhesive all along this tab on both pieces card.

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