A6 embossed and die cut card. Quick make with instructions and TIP.

Posted by TD1, 16 May, 2016

1. Take the floral pattern die-cut embossing folder (XCU 503806) and an A6 card put through any mangle type machine you have. We recommend the A4 Express machine as it saves marks on the back section of the card you sometimes get on smaller machines. 2. Punch out tiny flowers in gold and white vellum from the capsule geometric Kraft kit PMA 160246. 3. Add the vellum flowers to the die cut flowers with tiny colourful brads and move the petals so you can still see the die cut flowers and not the back of the tiny brads. 4. Turn the card over and add tiny drops of Anita's 3D gloss to the ends of the brads to stop them from spinning and being seen through the die-cut flowers at the front. To ensure the fixed tips do not break free or the flowers spin hiding the die cut flower you can add a blob of 3D Gloss on top of the brad head making sure it also contacts the vellum flower. It will also make the vellum flowers curl up more and look more 3D 5. Add a bright card inside the die-cut & embossed card which will enhance the die cut flowers. Done, a simple but effective A6 greeting card or notelet. I used a coordinating sentiment from an old Capsule range to pop on the front. TIP If you find your die cutting embossing folders are not cutting out all the way through. A simple fix is to add tape behind the 'non cutting' part on the folder back so it presses harder in those sections.

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