Blooming Lovely!

Posted by LouCollins, 16 Jul, 2014

Perfect as a gift or table centrepiece, these paper flowers require no watering, and will stay fresh for all to see! 1. Thoroughly wash and dry a glass jar. Squeeze a good amount of Artiste Acrylic Paint inside the jar and swirl the jar around until all the inside surface has been covered. If the paint is too thick to run inside the glass jar, mix it with a little water to make it thinner. 2. Return untreated paint to the bottle then turn the jar upside down onto some absorbent towel so that the excess can run out. Leave in a warm place for 24 hours to dry thoroughly. Insert a piece of polystyrene into the base of the jar to hold the flower stems. 3. Trim a length of lace to fit around the rim of the jar and adhere using wide double- sided tape. Punch a decorative border along the two long edges of a 7cm wide strip of patterned paper and wrap around the jar, adhering on the back where the two ends join. Now wrap the jar with a strip of 5cm wide hessian. 4. Tie some raffia around the jar and tie in a bow. Hot glue some co-ordinating buttons over the bow centre. 5. Create a selection of two different coloured crocuses, some open and some in bud. For a bud, wrap the stem ribbon higher up on the petals, or for an open flower, start lower down. Leave 5cm of wire unwrapped at the end of the stem. 6. Once constructed, fold the wire over at the end to strengthen, and push into the polystyrene in the bottom of the jar, securing with a small dot of hot glue. Repeat until there is an even spread of blooms. Bend the wires to position the flowers where you want them to be. 7. Trim some long thin strips of green coloured cardstock to make the leaves, cutting a sharp point at one end. Hot glue each leaf into the jar. Make different lengths and thicknesses of these leaves, and, starting with some larger, thicker pieces, drape them over the edge of the jar, gradually decreasing the size and thickness until the leaves surround the inside of the jar and there are no gaps. Scrunch up a small amount of raffia and push it in between the flower stems and leaves to disguise the polystyrene. Top tip: By using an Xcut Xpress Machine to die cut your flowers, you can cut several layers of paper at once. How to make the blooms 1. Die cut a flower from pastel paper. Ink the ends of the petals. Make fine lines on the petals and poke a small hole in the centre. 2. Push wire through the hole in the flower and twist a little loop. Die cut a flower centre from yellow cardstock and hot glue this to the wire in the flower. 3. Cover green ribbon with double-sided tape. Pull each petal upwards and wrap the ribbon round, working down the wire stem.

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