Burger mini album

Posted by Jackie-J, 07 Aug, 2017

Keep tales of an extraordinary adventure in an out-of-the-ordinary creation that’s enough to make your mouth water! Step aside standard scrapbooks; there’s a quirky new make in town! Craft a one-of-a-kind album in the shape of your favourite food.

1. To make the box for your burger album to sit in, transfer the template from page 91 onto kraft cardstock and cut and score where indicated. Fold into shape and fix in place with double-sided tape. Cut the front, back and side panels from white cardstock. Die cut a small circle to fit onto the front tab and use red pigment ink and clear embossing powder to stamp ‘Our’. Print and emboss some black stars over the top, and attach to the white panel.

2. Stamp the word ‘American’ onto white cardstock, using the Creativity Essentials Alphabet A5 Clear Stamp Set and heat emboss as before. Hold up to the front panel and stamp ‘Adventure’ underneath. Fix the strip across the middle with foam pads and finish off by stamping some chevrons along the bottom. Stick to the box with double-sided tape.

3. Decorate the side and back panels in a similar fashion, creating a pattern with the shapes from the geometric neon stamp set. Combine shapes and words and heat emboss occasionally. Attach to the box to finish.

4. To make the bun top, take a large Create Christmas chalk bauble and carefully cut in half, using a serrated knife. Put one half aside and sand the rim and outer shell of the other with fine sand paper. Paint the outside with several layers of white Artiste paint.

5. Once dry, paint over the top with Latte Artiste Acrylic Paint, adding a few coats for a solid finish. When completely dry, dab around the edge with brown ink and a sponge. Snip some tiny paper sesame seeds and glue on the top.

6. Fill the inside with circles of funky foam; starting with a small circle and making them larger as the space fills up. Carefully cut a small hole into the last five pieces and adhere them all together with double-sided tape. Fix the foam mound inside the bun with more double-sided tape. Die cut a circle of cream cardstock, make a central hole and fix over the foam.

7. For the bottom bun, die cut two circles of cream cardstock; one with a central hole. Trim five more from funky foam, each with the hole in the centre. Attach them all together, with the cardstock on the outsides, and snip a strip large enough to fit around the edge. Lightly dab with brown ink and glue in place.

8. Cut a piece of wooden dowel (the height will vary based on your fillings) and sand the ends. Give the dowel a coat of cream paint and glue into the base.

Burger Fillings

1. To make the hamburgers (we’ve been greedy and have made three), die cut two brown cardstock circles and three brown funky foam circles for each, all with centre holes. Stack together, placing the cardstock pieces outside, and fix in place with double-sided tape. Cut a thin strip of brown cardstock and stick around the edge.

2. Cut two squares of yellow cardstock and one square of funky foam. Snip a centre hole in each and attach together to form a cheese slice.

3. Create the tomato slice by die cutting two circles from red cardstock and one from red funky foam, all with centre holes. Stick together. Die cut two smaller circles from a slightly lighter shade and trim into quarters. Punch the pointed corners with a medium flower palm punch and glue each segment to the tomato base. Draw some tomato pips with an orange marker and ink the edges red.

4. Die cut six small circles from green cardstock and three from funky foam, to make pickles. Use the same die to cut into two of the pickles, to enable them to sit together nicely. Make a hole in the middle of one, and fix the three together with double-sided tape. Run the tape across each pickle to adhere them. Add pips with a yellow marker.

5. For the onion, lay all the dies in the nesting circle set together onto light grey cardstock, and run through the Xcut Xpress Die-cutting Machine. Repeat this step and make a hole in both centres. Die cut a circle of white funky foam, with a centre hole, and attach the onion layers to each side. Ink around the edges with white pigment ink.

6. Once you’ve completed each layer, pop small pictures and mini bits of journaling onto each layer to keep your memories forever!

Project and how-to instructions by Jackie Jasper. Project originally published in issue (83) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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