Button Necklace - Papermania Capsule Collection.

Posted by ger76, 29 Jan, 2013

This gorgeous necklace is created using buttons from the Papermania Spots and Stripes Pastel Capsule Collection and Vintage Notes.

  1. Secure a length of chain to one side of the necklace to act as an extender and a lobster claw clasp to the other end to finish.

  2. Thread the wire up through the holes on one of the set of buttons and then back down through an opposite hole.

  3. Layer the capsule buttons in pairs and trios to make an eclectic looking order of buttons.

  4. Take strong beading wire and attach one end to a sturdy closed jump ring using a crimp bead.

  5. Once your necklace is as full as you like, finish with another jump ring securing with a crimp bead.

  6. Repeat with further groups of buttons, keeping each set slightly overlapping the next set.

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