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Posted by seadob, 16 Jul, 2014

The Xcut Extra Large Nesting Dies make it easy to create the framework for this chandelier project, decorate with fluttering punched butterflies and soft, translucent circles to create a beautiful, feminine look ideal for summer.

How to make the frame structure 1. Using the Xcut Extra Large Square Parenthesis Nesting Dies, die cut three descending frames from cardstock. You will need two layers of thick card and two layers of white card for each size frame. Glue together.

2. Punch two holes for twine in each corner of the frames. Pierce smaller holes at regular intervals for the nylon cord.

3. Thread an 80cm length of twine up through the two larger holes in one corner of the largest frame. Bring the ends up through the corresponding holes in the smallest frame, cross over and pass down through the neighbouring hole. Bring the ends down through the holes in the medium frame, allowing it to hang lower than the largest frame and tie in a knot underneath. Repeat for all four corners.

How to create the decorations 1. Glue patterned tissue paper to parchment, and when dry, punch this, and some plain parchment, into circles. You will need approx. 200 circles. Punch a variety of butterflies from a selection of patterned and plain papers.

2. Using only the small holes, thread a length of nylon cord up through the medium frame, through the small frame then down the adjacent holes. Thread a new cord up through the large frame, through the small frame corresponding hole and back down the neighbouring holes. Repeat for all the holes leaving equal ends dangling.

3. Glue punched shapes back-to-back, sandwiching the thread between the layers. Repeat around the frame until all the holes have been used. Add a variety of circles and mixed sized butterflies below the middle and bottom large frame, mixing up the different sizes and types of paper. Add just butterflies with the smallest at the top below the small frame.

4. Die-cut borders using Sew Lovely trim border dies from white cardstock and use a glue gun to attach around the edges of each frame.

5. Punch scallop circles from white cardstock. Cut these into spirals, then roll up from the outside to form tiny roses. Use to decorate the lacy border. Embellish the frames with some adhesive pearls.

6. To hang, thread lengths of twine up through the punched holes in the corners of the top frame, tie into a knot. Tie some bows in the top to finish.

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