Craft Planet superhero costume

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 11 Oct, 2016

Halloween is fast approaching, so if you're stuck for DIY costume ideas, we may have just the trick (or treat) for you. Your kids can choose to be the hero or the villain with our Craft Planet reversible costume – it's something they can wear (and love) all year round!


1. Cut two cape pieces from the template provided in the sidebar (and page 93 of issue 71), snipping on the fold of the fabric to ensure that it is symmetrical. Measure the child first to work out the length and size of the neck hole.

2. Use the pattern piece to cut a bright red star from a sheet of felt. Draw a large initial on paper, using the star to determine the size and ensure it fits the shape. Cut out. Pin it onto felt of a contrasting colour and trim around it. Position in the centre of the star.

3. Thread up your sewing machine with a co-ordinating blue thread (or a needle if you're doing it by hand). Using a straight running stitch, sew around the edge of the letter, securing it to the star. The letter won't fray, as the felt is a bonded material, so it's fine to leave the edges raw. (If you're struggling to keep it in place, try using Bondaweb).

4. Pin and sew the star to one of the cape pieces. Place the other one on top, right-sides-together, pin and stitch roughly ½ cm from the edges. Leave a 10cm gap at the bottom of the cape, turn right-sides-out and press. Hand stitch the gap closed. Sew Velcro strips to the neck edges to make it easy to put on.


1. Cut a red mask shape and another slightly larger in light blue. Die cut yellow stars using the Xcut Nesting Dies and appliqué onto either side of the red mask.

2. Stitch the red on top of the blue mask, leaving a fine contrasting border. You can do this by hand or machine, but remember to use matching thread. Make sure to trap a length of elastic in the sides when sewing.


1. As with the mask, trim two red cuff pieces from the template on page 93. Cut another two slightly larger, light blue cuff shapes. Die cut two yellow felt stars and neatly appliqué one to each cuff.

2. Stitch the smaller cuff shapes on top of the larger pieces, as you did previously with the mask. To finish, sew a fine strap of Velcro to the edges to secure.

Project and how-to instructions by Amy Surey. Project originally published in the June issue (71) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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