Cubic Cushion Cover Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 14 Mar, 2016

We love the quirky, modern colour palette and geometric lines of this cushion cover. The good news - it's easy to do! The appliqué design is made up of only two sets of Xcut nesting dies: diamonds and squares, and the 3D optical illusion is achieved through a bit of clever colour placement. The whole thing is set upon a basic four-square patchwork grid, ensuring that precise appliqué alignment is a breeze.

1. From your fabric, cut out four 27 x 27cm squares for the cushion front and two 35cm x 52cm rectangles for the cushion back. For precision, use a 45mm Xcut Rotary Cutter and cutting mat. Set aside cushion back pieces for now.

2. To assemble the cushion front, place two squares right sides together (RST) and sew one edge. (Use a 1cm seam allowance throughout the project). Repeat with the remaining squares and press seams open. Place the two front sections RST, sew and press. Top stitch over the seams.

3. Using an Xpress die-cutting machine, cut four squares and eight diamonds (8cm side lengths). Place the square or diamond die shape face up on base plate then sandwich the fabric, metal shim and cutting pad. Set dial to 6. Pass the 'sandwich' through the machine and repeat the process until you have all the shapes.

4. Paint the shapes so you're left with four silver squares, four black diamonds, two gold diamonds and two neon pink diamonds. Do at least a couple of thin coats to ensure opaque and even coverage. Allow to dry fully, then press.

5. Assemble the shapes on the cushion front, using the picture as your colour guide and the seams to assist with alignment. Once you are happy with placement, use fabric glue or spray adhesive to fix in place. Once dry, top stitch the shapes in place.

6. Retrieve a cushion back section. Sew a zigzag stitch along one long edge, then fold over a 1cm hem. Press and straight stitch in place. Repeat for the second back piece. Place the cushion front and top back piece RST, then add the bottom back piece to create the envelope back. Pin and sew around the edges. Zigzag stitch the raw seam edges, clip corners and turn right side out.

Cushion Cover and tutorial by Leanne Garrity. Originally published in Issue 66 of docrafts Creativity.

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