Customised notebooks

Posted by jobo, 30 May, 2017

The Papermania Bare Basics journal is the ultimate blank canvas for bespoke note-taking. Pair together with Xcut Xtras A5 Adhesive Sheets and some inspirational imagery to well and truly get your creative juices flowing. Better yet – print your favourite photographs and mount on the cover to bring a smile to your face every time.

Fabric-covered notebook

1. Use a standard printer to transfer a photo onto two A5 fabric sheets. The paper backing makes home printing incredibly easy. Peel off the paper and place the front of the notebook face-down on one of the sheets. Turn the notebook over and trim the two outer corners diagonally, leaving a ½" overlap. Fold over and stick to the corners. Cut into the top and bottom flap where it meets the spine, fold them over and adhere to the inside. Fold and stick the side flap too.

2. Attach the back piece of fabric in the same way, but with the exception of the spine. Here, the fabric is trimmed off along the edge, securing the front overlap underneath. Stamp a label to fit inside a Santoro Metal Name Plate and fix to the front.

Paper-covered journal

1. Cover your second notebook with an A4 sheet of Willson Wood patterned paper. A lighter colour with a small pattern tends to work best. Fold over the excess paper and stick to the inside covers. Trim two pieces of co-ordinating paper to just smaller than the cover and stick in the inside front and inside back to cover up the folded edges and create a neat finish. 

2. Print a photo on an adhesive fabric sheet and die cut your chosen word from it, using the Xcut Wedding Alphabet & Numbers A5 Die Set. Using the metal shim with your Xcut Xpress helps to produce a clean cut when die cutting the adhesive fabric sheets. Peel off the backing and adhere to the centre of your cover.

Patchwork photo cover

1. Select a bold and colourful photo and print on two different fabric sheets. Trim one to size and adhere directly to the back of the notebook. Die cut the second into small shapes and piece together to create a background. Use the smallest of the Xcut Square Nesting Dies to cut each of the pieces into diamond shapes, doing so carefully to ensure that the photo matches up neatly. Start in the centre, repositioning each time to work your way outwards.

2. Peel off the backing of each and stick into place on your journal, trimming the edges so that they’re flush with the cover. Stamp ‘Notes’ on a small rectangle of white cardstock, using the Creativity Essentials alphas folk stamp set. Fix behind another metal name plate and adhere at the bottom of the journal.

Project and how-to by Jo Boland. Project originally published in the January issue (78) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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