Customised plant pots

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 18 Jul, 2016

A beautiful succulent in a terracotta plant pot is a fool-proof way to bring some leafy happiness to your home. But why settle at that? Give your foliage a makeover with a lick of paint and some Papier Patch deco sheets and display them high in a jute macramé hanger. Stencils, cardstock and acrylics make it so easy to customise a pot to suit the style of your home, so here are some ideas to inspire you!


1. Cut the section of the stencil you want to include within your design from the sheet.

2. Making sure the surface you are painting onto is clean and free from grease, apply the stencil.

3. Use a dabbing motion and stencil brush to apply the paint. Dependant on the colour, you may need to apply more than one coat.

4. Leave to dry, and remove the stencil. Gently wipe away excess paint from the stencil with a wet wipe.

Die cutting

Die cut some shapes, using the smallest Xcut Mini Hexagon Die and three different colours of cardstock. Secure them to the outside of the pot with a hot glue gun. Measure and trim the hexagons so that they sit flush under the rim and at the base of the pot.


Paint the exterior of the pot in a light colour, applying a second or third coat if necessary. Leave to dry. Cut out your greeting for the front of the pot from the Papier Patch typewriter deco sheet and apply them to the front of the pot with tacky glue. Once dry, finish with a layer of Artiste Matt Varnish.

Project and how-to instructions by Aisha Green. Project originally published in issue 68 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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