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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 20 Apr, 2017

Expand your greeting further than a card and create a bespoke gift box with its very own plant stored inside, perfect for a new home present or to welcome a loved one home. Choose your favourite design from the Deco Design decoupage set, create a magnetic box, and stash your chosen plant or gift inside.

1. Construct the front and roof of the house from the Deco Design decoupage pack, layering up with foam pads between each of the layers to create height. Once complete, place to one side for later.

2. Create the main body of the box from two sheets of kraft cardstock, using the template on page 93. Cut and score along the indicated lines. Before constructing the box, cover the outside edges with double-sided tape, making sure to get as close to the edges as possible, without overlapping the tape. Leave the backing paper in place for the time being.

3. Take an A4 sheet of Willson Wood paper and place on a flat surface, patterned-sidedown. Remove the double-sided tape backing from the largest section of the box base and stick it to the paper. Gently fold the paper up around the sides of the base, then remove the backing tape and secure in place. Trim the paper to size with a craft knife and metal ruler. Repeat the same process for lining the inside of the base and complete step 2 again for the lid of the box. Assemble the base and lid of the box with Anita’s Tacky Glue, using mini pegs to hold the tabs in place while the glue sets.

4. Trim a sheet of A4 kraft cardstock to 26 x 5cm and score vertically on the long side at 5cm, 8.3cm, 16.3cm and 19.3cm. Cover the outside. Fold the cardstock to create the band and apply tacky glue to the overlap.

5. Paint wooden alphas with Pomegranate and Metallic Titanium Gold Artiste Acrylic Paint to spell out ‘ Welcome Home’. Leave to dry and cover the larger letters with Anita’s 3D Clear Gloss. Secure the decoupage to the inside lid of the box with 3D foam tape. Construct the acetate tray, following the instructions below. Apply magnetic tape along the lid lip to ensure it stays shut and slide the band over the box. Stick the wooden alphas in place once dry.

How to create the acetate tray

1. Cut a sheet of acetate to 11 x 9cm. Use an embossing pen and metal ruler to score around the whole rectangle, 2cm in from each edge.

2. Cut along the indicated lines and construct the tray. Carefully pierce holes through the tabs and the sides, and secure in place with brads.

3. Run a layer of silicone glue around the edges to prevent leakages. Repeat steps 1-2 to create a lid, increasing the measurements by 5mm.

Project and how-to instructions by Aisha Green. Project originally published in the January issue (78) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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