Denim Look Card

Posted by SheilaHalliwell, 24 Apr, 2015

Perfect for a teen, this card has a removable MP3 player and is 'So Cool' Steps: 1. Take a 5 x 7” white card blank and cover it with orange Papermania Textured cardstock. 2. Add a slightly smaller piece of Parisienne Blue patterned paper from the Capsule Collection on top of the orange leaving a narrow border visible. 3. Cut mixed upper and lower case letters from blue and grey cardstock using the Xcut Slimline Alphabet die set. Trim the letters at different angles then line them up with the edge of the blue paper and glue in place. 4. Cut a panel of blue textured cardstock to measure 10.5 x 15cms for the jeans. Create a 'worn' look by applying blue and white pigment ink to the panel using stamp pad foam. 5. Using a die-cut oval as a template, cut a pocket from the top right of the panel. Use an orange glitter marker to add some stitched lines around the edges of the panel then attach it to a darker blue panel of the same size using 3d foam tape. 6. Cut two 2.5cm wide strips of blue card for a waistband and zipper panel. Glue the zipper panel on to the left side of the jeans and ass stitch lines. Cut three strips of blue card to measure 0.5cms. Fold these around the waistband section to form belt loops. Trim off excess and glue together. Add orange stitch lines. 7. Cut a dark blue strip of card to measure 2cms x 12cms to form the belt. Stick a length of ribbon across the centre of the strip then feed it through the belt loops of the waistband. Wrap it around the back of the waistband and glue in place. Attach it to the jeans using 3d foam tape. Glue the jeans to the card. 8. To make the music player, use pale grey cardstock and cut two pieces to measure 8.5cms x 4.5cms. Trim the corners with an Xcut Corner Rounder. Add a length of twine between the top of the two pieces before sticking together. Add a smaller length of twine to the single length by looping and gluing together. When dry, add two die-cut skulls to each end of the twine to form ear phones. 9. Make a window from card measuring 2.5cms x 3.5cms. Cover with a piece of acetate and tape in place. Put the player in to the jeans pocket. 10. Cut the words 'SO COOL !' from orange cardstock using the Xcut Headliner Alphabet die set. Colour each one with the orange glitter marker then stick them on to the lower edge of the jeans. Add a denim button to the waistband to complete the look.

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