DIY papercut lantern

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 18 Jul, 2016

Learn how to create your own woodland lantern with this exclusive template and a simple craft knife.

The art of paper cutting has become a popular therapeutic craft, alongside the craze of colouring books (anyone else partial to a doodle after work?). Why not while away the hours, creating your own illuminated woodland-inspired lantern? Learn how to cut an intricate design from a sheet of paper, following these simple instructions.

1. Print the template (in the sidebar) on two sheets of A4 paper (the template is split in two so that you can print from home). Start cutting the grey areas away from inside the lantern windows with a craft knife. The stars and circles are optional, depending on your cutting skills.

2. Continue to cut around the outline of the lantern and lightly score with an embossing pen along the dotted lines. Start folding along the scored lines, making sure the printed guides are kept inside the lantern so they are not seen from the outside.

3. Cut rectangular pieces of vellum to 85 x 130cm, to fit behind the lantern windows. Secure with dots of tacky glue in each corner.

4. Assemble, fastening with the tabs, and join the two halves together. Before gluing the roof in place, insert a battery-operated tea light. Add a dab of glue to form the handle on top of the lantern and adhere a piece of ribbon at the top to hang it from.

Project and how-to instructions by Samantha Sherring. Project originally published in the February issue (67) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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