"Don't throw it away"

Posted by valan, 19 Jan, 2012

Picture 1 Don’t throw away your packaging use it for your cards. Pic 2 When you have chosen your image select a bubble that will fit. “If you have a graphics programme you can size your image to fit the packaging” Pic 3 Next cut all of the surplus off the bubble leaving 1cm around the outside. Pic 4 This is the bubble trimmed. Pic 5 Put very strong double sided tape on the bubble that will anchor to the image Pic 6 Now place your confetti in the centre of the image. Remove the tape facing and anchor in position. Pic 7 Now trim away surplus card according to how you wish to complete your card. I have done my best to make these instruction easy but, if you require further info please ask. Pic 8 There is another card in my gallery called In Dreams from a Touch of Magic this has been assembled in a different way. Should you want the instructions for that e-mail me. Happy crafting Valan xx

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