Easter egg hunt sign

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 04 Apr, 2017

What better way to keep the little ones entertained this Easter than with an egg hunt? Plus, while they're distracted you can sneak some chocolate for yourself! Go all out for the Easter egg hunt with your very own decorations, just like this amazing box sign made using Craft Planet Polystyrene Eggs.

1. Paint a landscape shadow box all over with Sage Artiste Acrylic Paint. Having a few coats will ensure a nice, solid finish. Cover the sides of the box with Capsule Elements Wood paper and position portrait. Make a hole in each side with a screw hole punch, roughly 1" from the top.

2. Colour a selection of different sized polystyrene eggs with three different shades of paint. We used antique gold, blush pink and storm cloud. Very carefully, cut a thin slice off one side of the medium and large eggs with a craft knife, so they fit neatly inside the box.

3. Cut three lengths of jute wire to the length you want your handle. Trim one piece so that it’s 2" longer and plait the three together. Make sure that you leave the longer length overhanging by 1" at either end. Wrap some cotton thread around each end, securing all the wires in place. Thread the two 1" ends through the holes in the box and bend them upwards to secure.

4. Arrange all the eggs inside the box and glue them in place, one at a time. Take your time to make sure they all fit together neatly and set aside to dry. Transfer the arrow templates from page 93 onto white cardstock and cut two of each. Glue into pairs for stability. Die cut ‘Easter’, using the Xcut Wedding Alphabet & Numbers Die Set and stick in the centre of one. Cut pink dots with a screw hole punch to decorate the edges.

5. Mask off each end of the next arrow and paint the gaps. Use the script dies to create the title and glue towards the right-hand side. Paint a pink line around the edge of the last arrow, using masking tape to achieve a neat finish. Die cut the letters and stick, along with a few stars. Attach all three to the box front with double-sided tape.

Project and how-to instructions by Jackie Jasper. Project originally published in the March issue (80) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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