Enamelled Charm Bracelet

Posted by BeckyJ, 19 Dec, 2013

Use your favourite eclectic papercraft elements to add a unique touch to a stylish enamelled bracelet.

  1. Mix a little periwinkle and dark grey Artiste acrylic paint and apply thoroughly to the filigree areas of three oval and two circular Madame Payraud metal charms. Rub back with kitchen roll until you are happy with the painted effect. Leave to dry or dry with a heat tool.

  2. Paint Artiste Matt Varnish and dry.

  3. To create the crown charm, trim a crown icon from one of the patterned papers and place centrally in an oval metal embellishment using 3D foam. Decorate with an adhesive pearl before flooding the centre of the charm with Anita’s liquid gloss and put to one side to dry thoroughly

  4. To create the final charm, add a layer cut from a skeleton leaf to the centre of the remaining oval charm. Trim a butterfly icon from one of the paper and arrange within the bezel with a trimmed down Madame Payraud alphabet monogram. Again flood with Anita’s gloss and leave to dry.

  5. When all the charms are thoroughly dry attach together with Cousin Antique gold jump rings using the formed loops and the loops within the filigree work.

  6. Attach a Victorian style antique gold toggle clasp, with a safety chain length between the two ends to complete.

  7. Following the method shown in the video cover the bezels of each charm with patterned Madame Payraud papers.

  8. Surround the edges of one circle bezel with adhesive pearls. Remove the loop on a small vintage silver cross and place in the centre of the charm. Flood with Anita’s liquid gloss and allow to dry.

  9. For the clock hands charm flood the gloss directly into the bezel. Balance two small hands over the top of the left rim, so that it is held in place by the surface of the gloss. Add an aqua gem to decorate and leave to dry.

  10. To add a textural feel to the rose charm glue a little Madame Payraud lace trim to the centre of a circular charm before adding Anita’s liquid gloss. Drop a Sew Lovely pink gloss flower into the centre and allow to dry.

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