Fabric Bead Bracelet

Posted by JulieKirk, 23 Apr, 2014

If you’re a big fan of chunky ‘statement’ jewellery then this fabric covered beaded bracelet is for you!

  1. Measure your wrist and select enough beads to fit around the circumference.

  2. Sew a long thin fabric tube the full length of a fat quarter and just wide enough to allow the beads to sit snugly inside.

  3. Secure a pin at one end of the tube to stop your first bead dropping out. Then, using thread in a shade complimenting your chosen fabric, tie a very tight knot around the tube trapping the bead inside.

  4. Wrap the thread around the tube a few more times, tying a second knot underneath. Repeat the process until all the beads are inserted.

  5. When you reach your final bead, leave approximately 2cm of fabric and roll the raw ends inside so they’re hidden within the tube.

  6. Slide a ribbon down alongside the bead then tie together as before.

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