Fancy Flower Card

Posted by ClareCurd, 15 Jun, 2010

Use Anita's Outline Stickers to create this pretty card.

  1. Apply striped paper to cover a square card blank.

  2. Trim cream plaid paper to measure 10cm b y 10cm. Layer onto mirror card and trim to leave a very narrow border. Use 3D foam pads to attach to the centre of the card.

  3. Apply a die cut message towards the bottom right hand corner with the small flower to the right hand side again using 3D foam pads.

  4. Apply the large half flower to the left hand side of the card using 3D foam dots

  5. Apply the tiny flowers randomly over the rest of the beige plaid area, adding a tiny shimmering dots to the flower centres to complete.

  6. Apply glitter strips around all 4 sides to make a frame.

  7. Apply two of the large quarter flower outline stickers, plus one small and 6 tiny flowers onto the blue plaid paper. Cut out.

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