Geometric Mocha wall art

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 08 Apr, 2016

It's lovely to hang a favourite photo on the wall – even better when it's enhanced by beautiful papers. The Geometric Mocha Paper and Ultimate Packs are brimming with earthy tones and foiled elements that'll complement a snap of a furry friend perfectly.

1. Trim half an inch from both the bottom and left-hand side of a 12 x 12" sheet of Geometric Mocha raindrop paper. 2. Centrally adhere the paper onto a sheet of brown cardstock from Papermania's 12 x 12" Colossal Pack. Tip - To save card, remove the middle from the brown cardstock with a craft knife before matting the paper onto it. This technique is known as 'gutting'. 3. Cut the 12 x 12" honeycomb vellum to 9¼ x 8½” and lay on top of the raindrop background. Position it towards the bottom right-hand corner so as not to cover the raindrops. 4. Trace some of the raindrops that the vellum overlaps and cut out with a craft knife. Snip away some of the hexagons from the side of the vellum. 5. Adhere a 3 x 11" piece of brown cardstock onto the page, 3" up from the bottom. 6. Stick the vellum in place, lining up the missing raindrops that were cut out in step 4. 7. Mat a Geometric Mocha 6 x 6" Envelope onto the brown cardstock and add to the layout on the left-hand side. 8. Cut three 'flowers' from the hexagon-print paper, using circle die-cuts from the Ultimate Pack to create the centre of each. Place to one side. 9. Stick your photo to the envelope and adhere the flowers with 3D foam dots. 10. Add your title and date using the alphabet stickers from the Ultimate Pack. 11. To finish, position a length of ribbon along the bottom of the layout for added decoration. Project, how-to instructions and photography by PDT member Julie Wilson (docrafts gallery @ladiesthatcraft). Make sure to pick up your copy of Creativity online or in your local craft store. Alternatively, why not subscribe by clicking on the link in the sidebar? We'd love to see your makes. Share your projects with us on Facebook or hashtag your project on Twitter or Instagram with #docrafts.

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