Geometric scrapbook layout

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 27 Jul, 2017

We’ve thrown the scrapbooking rule book out the window and decided to mix things up a little bit with this portrait page. Not quite content with just shaking up the size of our layout, we’ve embraced our love for all things geometric and used our top mini dies to create a decorative background from one of our much-loved snaps.

1. Trim two sheets of white 12 x 12" cardstock down to 20 x 27.5cm using a metal ruler and craft knife. Pop one of the pieces to one side for later. Select your picture and re-size to fit the page. We've left a small white border around ours, however it's completely up to you how big or small you'd like your image. Once happy with the sizing, print out two copies.

2. Position the two smallest mini hexagon nesting dies sporadically over the image. Use craft tape to hold the dies in place as the paper makes its way through the Xpress. Continue to cut as many hexagons as desired, making sure to keep hold of the negatives. Adhere the image to the bottom of the layout with a glue stick. Cut a selection of around 12 hexagons, using a variety of your favourite paper and cardstocks.

3. Arrange the die-cut hexagons on the page, mixing the plain cardstock and paper pieces with those cut from your image. Disperse the shapes as you get closer to the top of the layout. Once happy with the positioning, glue in place.

4. Create a hidden compartment in the top right-hand side of the layout. To do this, trim a piece of kraft cardstock to 6 x 10cm. Secure a 1 x 8cm strip to one short end of the rectangle, making sure the card overlaps both edges evenly. Mark a 10 x 12cm rectangle on the second piece of white cardstock, spaced where you would like the pull-out section to be positioned. Apply two layers of adhesive funky foam, again marking out the rectangle in the same location. 

5. Add the rectangular piece of kraft cardstock into the allotted space and stick two small, stacked squares of foam just before the opening to prevent the piece from coming all the way out. Secure a third and final layer of funky foam on top, minus the rectangle. Fix the adhesive side of the foam to the underside of the layout front and use double-sided tape to secure both pieces of foam together.

6. Attach a Bare Basics wooden eyelet tag to the pull-out with a brad. Die cut an anchor from plain cardstock, cover with a thin layer of Anita's gloss and leave to dry. Loop jute twine through the top of the anchor and wrap the loose end around the brad to secure it in place. To finish, apply more gloss to adhesive wooden letters and secure to the bottom of the page to make a title.

Project and how-to instructions by Aisha Green. Project originally published in the March issue (80) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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