'Gorjuss' Hats Layout

Posted by emilygrant94, 07 Apr, 2015

The Santorocollection's wonderland feel inspired me to make a page using pictures I took of my friends wearing different hats, with the quote said by the Mad Hatter, "We're All Mad Here". Steps 1. Cut a 12cm strip from 12x12" black paper. 2. Pick 2 sheets of 6x6" Gorjuss paper and cut up into squares. Arrange these squares in a strip going up the centre of the black paper. 3. At each side of this collaged strip, stick a length of Gorjuss ribbon. 4. Print 4 lots of 5x5cm photos and adhere each to a 6x6cm square of Gorjuss paper. Stick the four photos up at angles up the collaged strip then stick this strip on the left side of 12x12" pink paper. 5. On the pink paper, rip small areas and fold bits back. Stick Gorjuss paper underneath these areas so they show through. You can also ink the folded parts of the pink paper. 6. To make a hat, draw around a round object on black card to make a curve. Cut diagonals from the curve to make a triangle. Cut off the pointy end of the triangle. Draw and cut out an oval on black card. Draw a curve on this and cut it, and stick the triangle you've made through this. Make three hats. 7. Stick Gorjuss ribbon onto each hat and stick together. Stick a bow made from the same ribbon onto these. 8. Cut 3 scalloped circles using Xcut scalloped circle dies. Stick each hat onto one of the circles. Work out where you want these to sit on the page. When you have, cut lengths of ribbon to go from these to the top of the page. Cut a wide length and stick a thin length on top of it. Stick the hats at the ends of this ribbon. 9. Die-cut a title from the Xcut Alice alphabet die 10. Stamp the Gorjuss girl from 'The Hatter' clear stamp set and colour in. Stick on the bottom right of the page. 11. Stamp the rectangle tag, colour in, write on the date and stick in the top left.

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