Handmade Felt Fruit Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 07 Oct, 2015

This collection of felt fruit has bags of appeal for kids and adults alike for home decor or play. The apple or pear would also make a lovely pincushion and a great gift for a friend who loves to sew. Use the handy templates to cut out all the felt pieces, then sew together with whip stitch and matching threads, taking care not to sew the seams too tightly. This tutorial was originally published in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 61. Tutorial by Laura Howard.

Apples and Pear - Cut felt pieces for the whole fruit and sew together, turning inside out when almost finished. Stuff, then close the seam, leaving a small hole at the top. Roll and stitch the stalk, attach the leaf to the bottom then insert into the hole and sew in place.

Apple and Orange Slices - Cut felt pieces for the sliced fruit and three freehand brown pips for the apple slice, and sew the segments or pips on the white slices. Sew the slices together along the straight edge. Attach the peel, stuffing the fruit when half stitched.

Watermelon - Cut the felt pieces and a few black freehand seeds. Sew the top red and white curved pieces together and repeat for the underside pieces. Attach the side pieces, stuff two-thirds of the fruit then attach the rind, leave a gap along one edge. Finish stuffing then sew up the gap.

Kiwi - Cut out the felt pieces then decorate the kiwi top: add the white centre piece, sew radiating stitches of white thread then add small black stitches between the white ones. Sew the peel pieces together then add the top. Sew most of the way round, stuff the kiwi then close the gap.

Strawberries - Cut out the felt pieces and stitch yellow pips on the sides. Sew the pieces together, right sides facing, leaving a gap. Turn the strawberry the right way, stuff then close the gap, adding the leaf to the top.

TIP - For evenly stuffed fruit, add small pieces of stuffing at a time.

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