Handmade Kid's Tea Party Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 23 Nov, 2015

Welcome to a delicious land of make-believe! This truly scrumptious tea party includes a decorated cake stand laden with sponge cakes, treats and even a party hat to top it off. This project and tutorial was originally featured in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 62. Project and tutorial by Suzie Attaway.

Party Hats

1. Draw around circular objects, such as plates, measuring about 7cm and 12cm in diameter on brightly coloured funky foam and cut out with scissors. Cut a 24 x 12cm piece of the same colour funky foam, roll into a cylinder and staple to secure.

2. Using a hot glue gun, stick the foam circles to each end of the foam cylinder as the top and brim and leave to dry completely.

3. Stick a 3 x 24cm strip of plain paper around the bottom of the cylinder, above the brim, as a border. Cut a 1 x 24cm strip of iridescent paper and trim one long edge with pinking sheers. Glue around the top of the hat as a frill.

4. Decorate the hat with exotic feathers, puff satin shapes, funky foam flowers and stickers – the more the merrier!

5. Cut a 60cm length of ribbon and glue to the middle of the underside of the brim, leaving the ends hanging loose ready to tie around your child’s head. Alternatively, stick the hat to a plain headband with a hot glue gun.

Cake Stand

1. Cut out a 28cm diameter semicircular piece of pink foam, roll into a cone and secure with strong glue. Snip 2cm off the pointy end to make a flat top and trim the base so it stands up.

2. Cut out a 2Ocm diameter circle of pink funky foam and of cardboard, glue together then stick to the top of the pink cone stand with hot glue.

3. Cut a sheet of pink tissue paper into three 3cm wide strips. Place the strips together and make 2.5cm cuts along one edge to create fringing. Stick the fringing around the outside edge of the cake stand and leave to dry.


1. Draw around the handy templates on different coloured household sponges and carefully cut out with sharp scissors. Use the same templates to draw and cut out pink, red, white, yellow and brown felt pieces for the cakes’ icing, jam and buttercream.

2. Stick the sponge and felt layers together with a hot glue gun and leave to dry. Decorate the cakes with bright pom-poms and satin hearts and flowers. Roll a small rectangle of brown felt to make a chocolate curl and glue in place.

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