Hanging Heart Decoration

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 23 Feb, 2015

From a sheet of Simply Floral paper, cut two 5 x 25cm strips. From a second sheet cut two 5 x 2Ocm strips; from a third sheet cut two 5 x 16cm and from a fourth sheet cut three 5 x 12.5cm strips. Fold and glue each strip in half lengthwise. Place four strips on top of each other, with the shortest at the bottom and the longest on the top. Place the extra 12.5cm strip on top then add the remaining strips in decreasing length. Bend each strip in turn to make a heart side, gluing in place, then adhere the inside of the strips to the centre strip. Punch a hole in the top and add brown string. Project by Kim Traynor. Originally featured in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 54.

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