Hexagon wall art

AishaLGreen Posted by AishaLGreen, 24 Jan, 2018

Piece together pictures from your latest trip, like a gorgeous geometric puzzle. It’s a great way to keep your memories close and your home de´cor close to perfection! Thanks to the Marabu Chalky Chic Transfer Medium, a wonder-product that enables you to transfer images onto wood, glass, metal and papier mache´, this couldn’t be easier! All you need is a laser print-out of your image, a base item to transfer it onto and the medium itself. For darker images, it’s worth running the photo through an image-editing software that allows you to increase brightness and contrast. This will help your image to stand out once it’s been transferred. Remember to mirror any images that include text; if you don’t, it’ll read back-to-front once transferred! Follow our step-by-step guide to find out more...

1. Mask off sections on one wooden base shape using strips of craft tape. Paint with your choice of Marabu Chalky Chic paints (we used the shades Mistletoe and Edelweiss) and leave to dry for a while.

2. Fix a sentiment stencil over the top half and apply Stone Grey Chalky Chic paint. Once dry, coat with a layer of Marabu Chalky Chic Protective Transparent Wax. Die cut the title and year from complementary cardstock and adhere.

3. Paint the remaining wooden shapes with a coat of Edelweiss Chalky Chic and place to one side. While these are drying, edit and print your chosen images to size.

4. Place the wooden shape over the top of your image and mark around the outside edge with a Faber-Castell pencil, framing the subject. Use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut out.

5. Apply transfer medium to both the image and the painted side of the wooden shape, and place one on top of the other, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go. Leave to dry under a heavy book for around four hours.

6. Apply water to the paper and leave to soak for ten minutes. Gently rub away the paper using a circular motion and your fingertips. Repeat, until all the paper has been removed to reveal the image underneath. Cover with a protective layer of matt varnish.

Project and how-to instructions by Aisha Green. Project originally published in issue 83 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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