How to make a felt radio tea cosy

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 12 Feb, 2016

Make sure to make a note in your diaries. . . 6th March 2016 is Mother's Day. Use mustard felt, hessian squares and a handful of buttons and embellishments to make this great tea cosy, perfect for Mums who are partial to a cuppa. If your recipient isn't a lover of tea the cosy can be transformed into a great sewing machine cover - just remember to amend the dimensions accordingly.

1. Cut out all of the fabric panels for the radio - Gold felt - * Front and back - one full sheet for each * Sides - two pieces 9 x 4” * Edging around the grill - two at 9¼ x 1¼” as well as two pieces 5½ x 1¼” * Top - 12 x 4” Hessian - * One 8 x 8” square Lining fabric - * Two 9 x 12” * Two 9 x 4” * One 12 x 4” 2. Cut wadding pieces to match the lining. 3. Place the hessian in the centre of one whole felt sheet. Place the two 9¼ x 1¼” pieces over the top and bottom edges of the hessian. Place the two shorter pieces at either side and pin in place. Stitch along all four edges of each piece. Sew buttons and glue a gem from the Owl Folk charm pack to the front. 4. Keeping right sides together, stitch a side piece on to the front of the cosy, leaving a small seam allowance. Repeat with the other side piece. Sew the back to the two side pieces, making sure the grill is inside out. 5. Cut three lengths of Nature’s Gallery ribbon and use double-sided sticky tape to fix each to a 4 x 2” piece of grey felt, tucking the excess in underneath. Place on the right hand side of the gold top piece and stitch around the edge and between the ribbon for extra detail and strength. Sew stacks of pink buttons to the left side to imitate radio dials. 6. With the cosy inside out, place the top piece face down. Pin and stitch the top piece to all four sides. Turn the cosy the right way out. 7. Sew the wadding and lining in the same way as the tea cosy, without the front detail. Insert the wadding so the seams are visible, not the rough edges. Turn the felt edges under and over the wadding edge and press. Tuck the edges of the lining under and press. Finally, insert the lining, seamed edges facing out. Pin the lining to the turned in felt edges and sew. 8. To create the aerial, remove the tips from three plastic cotton buds. Glue two together, and secure the third a little higher up. Wrap a thin strip of grey felt around the aerial and fix in place with hot glue gun. Adhere buttons to each end and glue to the top of the tea cosy. How to make the handle 1. Cut two pieces of felt 9.5 x 2” and one double length of fabric. Sew the felt pieces together at the short end.

2. Pin lining to the felt, right sides together. Stitch around, leaving an opening. Turn inside out, tuck in edges and sew across.

3. Sew across the other end so both sides match, then use chunky buttons to sew the strap to the tea cosy.

We'd love to see your makes. Share your projects with us on Facebook or hashtag your project on Twitter or Instagram with #docrafts. This project, by Lisa Marie Olsen, was originally published in docrafts December issue (65) of Creativity Magazine.

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