How to make a paper leaf centrepiece

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 25 Feb, 2016

As anyone that's seen the latest issue (68) of Creativity will know, we're all about the springtime projects this month. This eye-catching centrepiece is perfect for decorating the table this spring, or more specifically Mother's Day or even Easter. With some clever cutting and using Capsule card and paper stock as well as the Xcut A5 Leaves Die Set, it will be sure to add the final finishing touch to any table.

1. Start by preparing the leaves you'll need for the whole centrepiece. To create the smaller, more delicate shapes use the Xcut A5 Leaves Die Set to cut a variety of cream, green and light blue leaves. 2. To create the cream leaves: - Use the template provided (link in the sidebar) and trace the leaf on to cream cardstock. Cut out 13 pieces.

- Score the leaves from point to point, then fold, crease and reopen slightly.

- You can extra detail by pinching vein lines into the leaf using long tweezers or inking the edges.

3. To create the veined leaves: - Using the templates provided (link in the sidebar), trace the leaf shape on to lime-coloured paper and cut out 20 leaves. - Fold it in half but do not crease. Snip several skinny veins using decoupage scissors.

- Cut the veins open by snipping lightly along the centre of the leaf towards the outside edge, using the image as a guide.

- Choose a dark green cardstock and cut out slightly larger leaves (minus the veining detail down the middle). 4. To start assembling the centrepiece prepare a strong cardboard base measuring 35 x 5cm. 5. Curl the tops of the leaves downwards using a pencil or bone folder, then curl the opposite ends upwards. This will help the leaves to stand up. 6. Start by gluing and layering all the leaves prepared in step one, apart from the cream along the centre of the cardboard (make sure this is done first). Afterwards, fill in the space under each leaf with the rest of the leaves, making sure they all point in the same direction. TOP TIP: Flexible silicone glue is very handy in this project as it enables you to rearrange the leaves if needed. This can also be achieved with a cool melt glue gun. 7. Once you are happy with the layout, start adding pointy, cream hand-cut leaves, followed by die-cut leaves. 8. Add extra die-cut leaves and a row of paper flowers to create focal point at the top end of the centrepiece.

Project by Agnieszka Kilbride (aka @AgnieszkaKilbride on the docrafts gallery) Make sure to check out the March issue (68) of Creativity for lots more spring-themed projects. Pick up your copy online or in your local craft store. We'd love to see your makes. Share your projects with us on Facebook or hashtag your project on Twitter or Instagram with #docrafts.

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