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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 09 Mar, 2017

They grow up so quickly… so why not create a keepsake that is frozen in time, using their old shoes or clothes? This adorable scrapbook layout perfectly captures the years passing, and will be a sweet memento for you and your loved ones. Use Bare Basics letters to personalise the page, and embellish with bunting, stickers and other pieces to co-ordinate with your design.

1. Start by flicking through the Geometric Neon 12 x 12" paper pack to find a slightly muted page to use as a background. Some pages are more pattern-heavy on one side, creating an ombré effect which would also be suitable for this project. Lots of your background will be covered by the shoes and embellishments, so bear this in mind when making your selection.

2. Select the wooden letters to spell our your chosen name or title and lay them out for an idea of spacing. Cut some lengths of jute and lay them across your page. Play around a little to see if you want the title to overlap them or if they look better underlining it.

3. Once you’ve figured out the general layout, start to build the different elements. Pop out the triangle-patterned and gold-foiled bunting from the ultimate pack, as well as a few more die-cuts that complement them. Adhere these alternately across the page, roughly where you plan for your jute to lie. Stick a lined tag die-cut in the top left-hand corner, to go underneath the name, and mount the jute on top of the bunting with Anita's Tacky Glue and a small paintbrush.

4. Take the gold ‘Love’ die-cut and add it to a yellow tag. This co-ordinates really well with the foiling on the bunting. Stick this to the right of where the name will sit, overlapping a strip of blue paper with a fishtail end. Make up one of the bows from the ultimate pack and stick over the top of the bunting and jute. This will be just below the letters – placing both 3D elements close together will draw the eye straight to them.

5. Position some yellow ribbon from the same collection just above the jute. This helps to balance out the yellow from the tag. Scatter some gold gems and arrows in spaces that need something a little extra. It’s easiest to leave these until last, so that you can assess which areas have a bit too much empty space. Adhere the letters in place to finish your layout.

6. Why not make some little labels to annotate the mementos? We’ve filled our layout with kid’s shoes which could be labelled to show the age of the child when they wore them. Stamp the months with the Wedding Ever After clear stamps and trim around neatly. Mount your layout in a box frame or simply display on a shelf.

Project and how-to instructions by Daisy Martin. Project originally published in the December issue (77) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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