Kinetic golf card

Posted by jackiej, 02 Jun, 2017

Do you know someone sporty? Maybe you have a golfing fanatic in your household! If so, this fun, movable, interactive card could be right up your street. With a clever kinetic mechanism, you’ll be getting a hole in one time and time again. It’ll be perfect for Father’s Day!

1. Cover the front of a tall portrait card blank with the lightest Xcut Xtras A5 Adhesive Wood Effect Sheet. Adhere it, starting at one corner and smoothing across as you go. Turn to the reverse and trim any excess with a craft knife.

2. Cut a panel of light blue cardstock slightly smaller than the card front and trim another panel of green to the same size. Position the two panels side-by-side on a die-cutting base plate and place the largest circle die on top, so you have two thirds blue and one third green. Run through the Xpress machine and stick the grass and sky pieces to the card front, so the curves slot together.

3. Trim two more green and blue panels and die cut the green to match the grass in Step 2. Attach on top of the blue sky cardstock. Lay the first panel on a cutting mat and draw a 1cm snakelike gully, starting near the top right-hand side and curling down towards the bottom left. Follow the lines carefully with a craft knife to snip the shape. 

4. Cover a small piece of white cardstock with holes, using an Xcut Screw Hole Punch. Make these quite close together, resembling the dimples on a golf ball.

5. Palm punch into the cardstock piece with a 1" circle punch. Repeat with a solid white sheet of cardstock and glue the two pieces together. 

6. Attach a circular 3D foam pad to a 1p coin and place into the gully panel. Fix another penny on top to create the slider mechanism. Stick the golf ball in place on top.

7. Fix the panel to the card with 3D foam tape, making sure to keep the tape away from the gully edge to allow the pennies to slide.

8. Die cut a cloud shape from white cardstock and trim off the left-hand edge. Stick to the top left-hand side with 3D foam pads. Punch a 1" circle from black cardstock, using the Xcut Large Circle Palm Punch. Glue to the bottom of the gully.

9. Attach a small strip of wood-effect sheet to brown cardstock. Trim a thin strip off the edge; this will be the flag pole. Cut a triangle from red cardstock and fix to the top. Adhere to the card front, adding a 3D foam pad at the flag end.

10. Stamp out your chosen sentiment, using black pigment ink and different sized alphabet stamps from the Papermania Wedding Ever After 5 x 7" and 5 x 5" Clear Alphas & Numbers stamp sets. Print directly onto white cardstock and trim down into a quirky offset shape. Attach to the card with double-sided tape to finish.

Project and how-to by Jackie Jasper. Project originally published in the May issue (82) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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