Mini Christmas Tree Canvas

Posted by Perrycraft, 11 Sep, 2016

Made for a demonstration in the Range using the free gifts for the September issue of docrafts Creativity Magazine.

Products used:

• Small canvas or canvas board

• Artiste Acrylic Paint in Metallic Silver

• Artiste Acrylic Paint in Blue Sapphire

• Heat gun

• Outline sticks Silver Christmas Trees and Gold Bells

• Ribbon

• Tweezers

• Stick It! Glue Dots

• Adhesive stones in Iridescent White

• Free gift of glitter paper from the docrafts creativity magazine or Create Christmas A4 glitter paper

• Stick it! Double Sided tape

• Anita’s Tacky Glue

• XCut Snowflake Dies

• Free gift of Christmas Tree Stamp from the docrafts creativity magazine

• Embossing ink

• White embossing powder

• Acrylic stamping block

1) Prepare the canvas by painting on two coats of Artiste metallic silver paint. Leave it to dry between each coat.

2) Carefully remove some of the outline stickers from their sheet and stick them onto the leg of your trousers to remove some of their stickiness.

3) Now carefully peel off your clothes and add them to the canvas randomly.

4) Cover the entire canvas with a layer of Metallic Sapphire being particularly careful not to lift the edges of the stickers when you are painting over them.

5) Remove the stickers while the paint is still wet to reveal a silver outline. Then leave to dry.

6) Using the free gift Christmas tree stamp from the docrafts Creativity magazine, ink up the stamps with embossing ink and stamp randomly over the canvas.

7) Sprinkle with white embossing powder and heat using a heat gun to set the powder.

8) Using silver rectangles of glitter paper, roll one and secure with double sided tape. Repeat with another rectangle but cut 1cm off the end so it is slightly smaller than the previous roll. Repeat this until you have several rolls of decreasing length.

9) Arrange them in ascending order from biggest at the bottom to smallest at the top to look like a Christmas Tree and stick down using Anita’s Tacky Glue.

10) Place a Stick It! Glue dot at the top of your tree and place the end of a piece of ribbon on top. Zigzag the ribbon down your rolls of paper to look like a tinsel garland, securing in place with a glue dot every time you make a turn and at the bottom.

11) Die cut snowflakes out of white glitter paper and add randomly to your tree.

12) Finally dot Anita’s tacky glue at random on your tree and ribbon and then stick the adhesive stones on top. (Although these have their own glue they are unlikely to stick in the long term without a bit more glue to hold them in place).

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