Mini Papercraft Typewriter Tutorial

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 23 Feb, 2016

This mini papercraft typewriter would be a fantastic gift to a writer or blogger, or make a fine addition to your own craft room or office.

1. Using the templates provided, transfer the design onto your chosen cardstock. Carefully cut out and score along the fold lines. Don’t forget to cut the slot for your paper!

2. Apply a little adhesive to the tabs and fold into shape, making sure all the tabs end up on the inside. For the octagonal wheels, apply glue just inside the edge of the octagon

3. Once all the components are made, you can assemble your typewriter. Mount the raised portion on top of the base and then apply your wheels to the sides.

4. For the keyboard, you can simply cut out the design from the template and stick onto the base. If you want to add a little extra dimension to the typewriter, you can cut out the individual letters from a copy of the keyboard and raise up on sticky foam pads. This can be quite tricky so you’ll find tweezers handy here.

Project and tutorial by Lucille Randall. Originally published in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 65.

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