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Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 07 Jul, 2017

Sometimes it’s a refreshing treat to have a project where you can get your hands messy and incorporate a bunch of materials from your stash. Crack open some acrylic paints, grab some bubble wrap and have some fun playing with all kinds of products…

1. Start making your background by layering different colours of acrylic paint on a 12 x 12" piece of white cardstock. The look and texture of the paint effect can be changed by adding water. Dip a scrunched-up piece of bubble wrap into Light Grey Artiste Acrylic Paint and dab onto your cardstock. Repeat with storm grey and leave to dry. A heat tool can be used to speed up the drying process if you’re feeling a little impatient!

2. Lightly mix sea spray paint with conifer green and dip a clean piece of bubble wrap into it. Dab over the previously-painted area.

3. Cut a piece of Xcut Xtras Adhesive Fabric Sheet slightly larger than your photo. Pull threads from the edges to fray it a little and adhere over the painted area. Dab storm grey paint over the canvas with bubble wrap and repeat with green paint, adding a second layer to create a mottled effect. Leave to dry.

4. Mix conifer green paint with a little water and flick across the page with a paintbrush until you are happy with the look. Paint around the edge of your layout and leave to dry.

5. Use Papermania Bare Basics Adhesive Wooden Letters for the title. Apply a layer of acrylic paint over the letters – we used storm cloud again. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle copper embossing powder over the top and melt with a heat tool.

6. Layer a photo over Mr Smith’s textured paper, sandwiching letter tabs between them. These letters are from the packaging of the wooden letters! Tuck a Papermania Bare Basics Tag & Pocket behind the photo and add twine to the tag. Lay a piece of frayed Papermania Bare Basics Jute Ribbon on the canvas mat and adhere the photo cluster on top with 3D foam tape.

7. Hand cut an ampersand from the adhesive fabric sheet. Apply a little Artiste Acrylic Paint in Metallic Copper with a dry paintbrush and adhere in the title. Use the same technique to add a little paint to a wooden heart and stick it to the edge of the photo. Heat emboss four small wooden hearts gold and stick in place.

Project and how-to instructions by Jo Boland. Project originally published in the January issue (78) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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