Mr Smith's shed card

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 01 Sep, 2016

Most men can’t resist tinkering around in the shed… This one may be small, but will hopefully make a big impression. With opening doors, a 3D workbench and hanging tool rack, it’s not your average card! Follow the instructions below to make your very own Mr Smith's masterpiece.

1. To make the card base, cut a 19 x 26cm panel of kraft cardstock. Score and fold forward at 2cm, 4cm, 22cm and 24cm. Line the centre panel with Mr Smith's Workshop brick paper.

2. Trim more kraft cardstock to 19 x 18cm wide. Mark a 16 x 10cm rectangle, and cut along the top and down the centre with a craft knife. Crease and fold open the doors using a paper creaser set.

3. Cut a 20 x 10cm panel of cardstock and mark 10cm along the side. Draw a line from this point to the opposite corners, forming a triangle for the roof. Adhere metal-textured paper and trim around the lines.

4. Use a mini envelope pocket to make drawers for the inside. Adhere them onto a 19cm panel of kraft cardstock with 1cm tabs at the side. Attach the drawers and a tool rack by gluing the 1cm tabs to the card base.

5. Choose a textured paper and cut a small 9.5cm x 2.5cm panel. Back with kraft cardstock. Attach metal letter charms with mini brads and fix to the roof.

6. Cut a pile of logs from 6 x 6" paper and layer extra logs on top 3D foam pads to give dimension. Add small details to the front, like metal fussy-cut hinges and vintage brad door knobs.

7. Assemble the entire card, following the image above for reference. Use the tabs on the base to stick the front and back together.

Project and how-to instructions by PDT member Mags Woodcock.

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