Origami lampshade

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 21 Jun, 2016

Bring one of this year’s biggest trends into your home. These stylish folded accessories are relatively simple to make but are incredibly effective once in place. Combine colours of cardstock to fit your décor or keep it minimal. They can be tailored to practically every style and size of light fitting, so let’s get making!

1. Take a 12 x 12" square of cardstock and mark it according to the template in the sidebar.

2. Use the Xcut Paper Creaser Set to score and then fold along the lines – the creasers will ensure strong and accurate folds. It is important to score first, especially if you are using a thick cardstock, as this will help to make your lampshade neat and crisp.

3. Repeat step 2 to mark, score and fold your three other pieces of cardstock.

4. Align two folded pieces together with one end column on top, overlapping the other below. Make sure the folds all go in the same direction and the triangular shapes formed by the folds overlap correctly.

5. Fix both pieces together using double-sided tape. Staples can also be used at either end for extra security.

6. Complete steps 4 and 5 with the remaining folded pieces. Finish by fixing the last piece to the first, creating a single closed loop.

7. Bring all of the top points of the loop into the middle of the lampshade by folding all the upper diagonal and vertical folds inwards. Hold them in the centre to make sure they all fit together. Ensure that you leave a hole big enough to feed the light fixing through.

8. Each pair of touching points will have two triangles meeting together between them. Glue these triangles together using a hot glue gun and hold in place until dry. Repeat for all the triangles around the top row, until you are left with a gap in the centre. Thread your light fixing through the hole and allow the lampshade to rest on it. Fit your light bulb underneath, and the lampshade is complete.

Project and how-to instructions by Jason Cluitt. Project originally published in issue 69 of docrafts Creativity magazine. We love seeing your makes. Share them with us on Facebook or hashtag your project on Twitter or Instagram with #docrafts.

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