Papercraft Traditonal Wreath Tutorial

Posted by BeckyJ, 02 Dec, 2015

Follow this quick tutorial to create a beautiful traditonal-look Christmas wreath. This project and tutorial was originally published in docrafts Creativity Magazine Issue 63.

How to make the Wreath Base

1. Using a circle cutter, cut a 22cm diameter circle on strong card. Cut a 13cm diameter circle aperture in the centre to make the base. Cut five Craft Planet 4.5cm polystyrene balls in half and glue around the card base using a cool melt glue gun.

2. Wrap 4cm wide strips of Bare Basics hessian around the base, over the polystyrene balls. Add a loop of ribbon for hanging to the top point.

A Traditional Wreath

1. Die cut 15 medium poinsettias in red cardstock. Shape with your fingers and layer three bracts together, offsetting each layer, to create five blooms. Adhere the blooms around the base with cold melt glue, adding a large gold shimmer dome in the centres.

2. Cut five 2 x 8cm green cardstock strips, cut into a fringe and roll to create a pine needle effect. Adhere one under each bloom.

3. Die cut green leaves in a variety of sizes and shapes. Fold, shape and ink then glue in the gaps on the base. Twist three red decorative berries into a bunch and glue a bunch behind each flower.

4. Ink a wooden snowflake, add a gold shimmer dome and hang from the top point to dangle in the centre of the wreath.

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