Papercut holiday invite

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 24 Aug, 2017

Get prepped for your next seaside adventure with these beautiful nautical invitations. Layer up your coloured cardstock to create a truly unique papercut scene, complete with pull-out holiday surprise!

1. Grab your craft knife, making sure that the blade you are using is super-sharp. Transfer one of the template layers onto a test piece of cardstock to practise your cutting skills. Once confident, transfer all the templates on page 93 onto various colours of cardstock. Cut the sea foam and seagull from white pearlescent paper to add contrast to the final design.

2. Once each layer is cut out, start building up your beach scene. Use the screw hole punch to recreate the foamy texture of the waves crashing down, by cutting out circles using all three different nib sizes. Keep a few of the punched holes for decoration. Attach the wave top to the sea layer, using a Sailor 2 In 1 Glue Pen and a pair of tweezers, carefully applying little dabs so as not to over-glue each piece. Once each layer is complete, position them one on top of the other, securing each piece in place with 3D foam pads.

3. Make a pull tab for a special message, snipping an 8 x 2cm rectangle aperture and an 8 x 0.2cm slit in the end of your sand layer. Trim a strip of sand-coloured cardstock to measure 17 x 2cm, with a wider tab cut directly in the centre (see Step 3 for reference). This stops it from pulling all the way out. Weave through the slit and secure to the back of the sand panel. Attach a small strip of cardstock for the other end of the strip to slip through and stay in place. Fix the panel onto the card front with 3D foam. Spell out ‘We’re off to…’ with the folk alpha die set and orange cardstock, then use the mini alpha dies to add your selected place name to the pull-out tab. To complete the invite, add the little papercut bucket, spade and seagull using the glue pen.

Project and how-to instructions by Samantha Sherring. Project originally published in issue (82) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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