Pastel Best Wishes Cards

Posted by JennyPearce, 05 May, 2005

These cards could be adapted to suit any occasion or changed to different colours to create an entirely different look.

  1. For the Pink Card

    Stamp the square Whispers background stamp onto a square white Anita’s card, using Whispers Pink ink. Ensure that the opening edge of the card is along the bottom.

  2. Wipe the stamp clean using alcohol free baby wipes and pat dry with clean kitchen towel. Re-ink the stamp using pink pigment ink and stamp onto spare white card, shake over silver pearl embossing powder. Shake off excess and heat with the heat tool until molten. Remove heat.

  3. Cut out two embossed square sections and place over the original stamped image using 3D foam pads to add dimension.

  4. Tear a strip of pink card and stick into position along the bottom edge of the card. Place a piece of peach sticky ribbon about 1cm up and parallel to the bottom of the card and trim away excess each end. Create a sticky ribbon bow, by folding a length of ribbon back on itself (sticky sides together) Bend this section into a loop and stick together at the back. Take another short length of sticky ribbon and wrap around the centre to create a false ‘knot’. Stick this onto the card.

  5. Apply a 6cm length of gold line border vertical down the centre of the card and touching the edge of the sticky ribbon. Place another vertically to the left of it which measures 3.5cm long. Finally place a 3cm strip to the right.

  6. On spare white card apply the three daisy outline stickers. Colour the centres with pink pencil and cut each out using Xcut non- stick precision scissors. Attach a daisy to the top of each gold line (or stem) using 3D foam tape squares.

  7. Add your greeting positioned centrally along the top of the card using tweezers.

  8. The lilac card shows that by changing the colourings and making this style of card on a different shaped Anita’s card blank, will give you an entirely different look. Silver outline stickers were used instead of gold, a slightly wider ribbon was used and the Whispers ‘six square background stamp’ was used in the background and embossed using lavender pigment ink and holographic embossing powder directly on the card blank itself.

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