Pergamano lightbox - my project for the Creativity Magazine

Posted by APassionforPaper, 07 Aug, 2017

Grab an embossing pen and take a look; we’re doing parchment craft the new way! If you’re seeking a personal and unique gift or keepsake for someone’s special day, this project could be just the answer. Created using vellum and a pre-assembled shadow box, this afternoon make is sure to show its recipient just how much they mean to you.

1. Remove the acetate from the lid of a 6 x 6" shadow box. Trim a sheet of Papermania Capsule Elements Wood paper to measure 10 x 10" and apply tacky glue to the top of the lid. Stick the paper centrally on top, ensuring an even border. Leave to dry for a while.

2. Cut a large X in the lid aperture, from corner to corner, and trim the excess paper on each side to approximately 0.75". Wrap around to the inside of the lid and glue into place, allowing to dry thoroughly. Cut in from each corner of the paper towards each corner of the lid. Crease the excess paper along each edge and mark where you need to trim. Make the identified adjustments and wrap around the edges, gluing as you go.

3. Die cut a stencil from sturdy cardstock, using the inside ‘Happily Ever After’ die. Trim a piece of vellum to measure a 6.25cm square and place the stencil underneath or on top of it. Trace the design with a white gel pen. Flip over, rest the vellum on a sheet of foam or a cutting mat and trace the design with an embossing pen. Work with gentle, even pressure strokes so you don’t accidentally pierce the vellum. Once entirely embossed, colour small areas on the reverse with brush markers. Use a larger embossing nib to gently fill in the outlined areas.

4. Line up the completed design with the box lid and centre within the aperture. Once happy, secure into place with double-sided tape. A portion of the design will be hidden, so retrace these from the stencil and repeat the tracing, embossing and filling processes. Fussy cut them out and stick them over the front of the design with 3D foam pads. Replace the acetate sheet behind the vellum to protect the design and strengthen the light box, securing with double-sided tape. Neaten it with strips of paper to disguise the adhesive.

5. Cover the box base with your choice of 12 x 12" paper. Apply glue to the bottom of the box and place in the centre of the paper, with even borders on all edges. Snip from the edge towards each box corner at a 90° angle, and crease along all edges to determine where further trimming is required. Cut and glue into position. Trim one more piece of paper to 6 x 6" and glue into the base of the box.

Project and how-to instructions by Julie Hole. Project originally published in the issue (81) of docrafts Creativity magazine. Click here to subscribe to Creativity magazine for 12 months. Not only will you save money on every issue but you will also receive a free subscription gift when you sign up.

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