Plaster of Paris mosaic coasters

Posted by TheDocraftsTeam, 08 Jul, 2016

Looking for a fun and easy make for a rainy afternoon? Follow these instructions to create a tiles set of charming coasters – ideal for alfresco summer dining!

1. Create a square mould for each coaster by drawing a 10cm square onto acetate. Add a 4cm wide rectangle onto each side of the square and join up the corners. Cut out the template and fold the rectangles upwards to form sides. Tape the sides together, ensuring there are no gaps.

2. Make up the plaster of Paris, ensuring that it’s a smooth consistency without any lumps. Slowly pour the plaster into the moulds until it is about 1cm deep. Gently tap the sides to release any air bubbles from the mixture, then leave to semi-set for approximately 30 minutes. 3. Once the plaster has partially set, use a pair of tweezers to place the mosaic tiles on the coasters in whichever arrangement you choose. As the plaster will not be solid yet, you're able to remove the tiles and play with your design a little until you’re happy with it. 4. Leave the coaster to set overnight and peel off the acetate mould. Finally, add a layer of Artiste gloss varnish to each coaster to add shine and protection.

Project and how-to instructions by Laura and Tia from Little Button Diaries. Project originally published in issue 68 of docrafts Creativity magazine. We love seeing your makes. Share them with us on Facebook or hashtag your project on Twitter or Instagram with #docrafts.

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