Pom pom Necklace

Posted by MaggieMagpie, 29 Jan, 2014

Any fashion conscious female friend or relative would adore this on trend necklace.

  1. Cut one 25cm length of medium curb chain, two 18cm lengths of small curb chain, two 74cm lengths of rainbow cord and two 28cm lengths of purple cord.

  2. Secure all four lengths of cord at one end with a cord end fastener. Thread the cord end and one end of the medium curb chain length onto a 4mm jump ring.

  3. Repeat with the second piece of purple cord, but this time, thread through the back of the chain and over the cord until you reach the end. Trim and repeat step 2 to secure the ends of the cord and chain.

  4. Cut a 40cm length of white pompom trim, turn under the raw end, and using a long length of size 0 beading thread and a needle, secure with a few stitches. Thread a silver seed bead onto the thread, take the needle though the first link of the chain, back though the bead and secure through the trim. Repeat to connect the trim and a row of beads along the length of chain, securing two beads per link. Trim when you get to the end and tidy the raw end with a few stitches.

  5. Attach the central link of one of the small curb chain lengths onto the 4mm jump ring at one end of the necklace. Fix a lobster clasp from the purple cord pack onto the loose ends with a 4mm jump ring. Add the second small curb chain length to the opposite end of the necklace and connect the loose ends with a 4mm jump ring.

  6. Hold the chain and two lengths of rainbow cord in one hand. With the other hand, thread one length of the purple cord over through the first link of the chain, under the rainbow cord and over into the next link of the chain. Twist the rainbow cord length as you go to entwine the two pieces before securing with the purple cord. Work along the chain until you get to the end.

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